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Study of Strongly Interacting Matter

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Further investigations into hadron physics

Researchers in Italy are using EU funds to further investigate hadron physics, the study of strongly interacting particles.

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After previous successful investigations, scientists are leading further studies of hadron physics to see how this field can contribute to future technological innovations. The interaction of hadrons is described as the theory of the strong force. The research team for the 'Study of strongly interacting matter' (Hadronphysics2) project explained that they can also form more complex systems, in particular atomic systems. Moreover, they commented that under extreme pressure or temperature conditions, hadrons may lose their identity and dissolve into a new state of matter similar to the primordial matter of the early universe. The Hadronphysics2 project relates to the organisation of experimental and theoretical collaborative work including ongoing activities and planned experiments. According to the scientists, in hadron physics the close interaction between experimentalists and theoreticians is of paramount importance. They believe that applications in material science, medicine, information and technology are natural 'fall-outs' of their work.

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