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Connecting transport networks

Researchers have investigated how to create better links between long-distance and local transport systems.

Industrial Technologies

Long-distance passenger transport in Europe, whether by air, ferry or high-speed train, is often not very well connected to regional networks. Improving the link between these two types of networks will bring Europeans economic and environmental benefits. An EU-funded research project, 'Interconnection between short and long-distance transport networks' (INTERCONNECT), assessed the situation across Europe and found examples of good connectivity that can be applied in other places. The INTERCONNECT team identified a number of areas that could provide solutions – local infrastructure, improved public transport, alternative check-in and luggage transfer procedures, and ticketing and marketing solutions. They analysed the real-world application of some of these measures and their effectiveness at different locations. Partners from research institutes and the transport sector in six EU countries worked together on the project. They produced a series of recommendations for policymakers and administrators involved in transport solutions at the local, national and European levels.

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