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Renewable Energy COordinated DeVElopment in the Western Balkan Region

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Renewable energy for the Western Balkans

A European-funded project has identified research and regulatory priorities for developing renewable energy sources in the Western Balkans.

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Non-sustainable energy use in the Western Balkans has been one part of the region's legacy of political, social and financial instability. This pattern of resource misuse was addressed by an initiative that promoted the use of renewable energy sources (RES) as part of the EU's drive for sustainability. The aim of the 'Renewable energy coordinated development in the Western Balkans region' (Recover) project was to help encourage sustainable energy use in the region. Project partners identified the best options for RES and the main barriers to its large-scale use. The most suitable conditions for the transfer of technology from the EU were also identified. Benefits from the Recover project include reduced emissions of greenhouse gases and the harmonisation of requirements for establishing a common energy market. The project also contributed to achieving EU energy targets. Furthermore, economic benefits will help to reduce poverty by providing jobs and income for the local population. Energy security will also be improved. The Recover project has supported EU energy policy by helping to provide a sustainable, competitive and secure energy supply that can combat climate change.

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