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Renewable Energy COordinated DeVElopment in the Western Balkan Region

Final Report Summary - RECOVER (Renewable Energy COordinated DeVElopment in the Western Balkan Region)

The 'Renewable energy coordinated development in the Western Balkan region' (RECOVER) project was a one-year Specific Support Action, carried out by a consortium of seven research institutions and agencies, funded by the European Commission under the Sixth Framework Programme. The goal of the project was to contribute to the sustainable energy development in the Western Balkan countries by achieving the following two objectives:

- Identification of the best options for renewable energy sources (RES) utilisation in the Western Balkan countries. Along with these options, the key barriers to the large-scale RES penetration and the conditions for technology transfer from the EU were identified.
- Formulation of the research priorities and research areas for promotion of RES utilisation.

The project results should lead to significant environmental benefits, such as reduced harmful emissions and greenhouse gasses, not only for the project countries, but also for the EU and in a global aspect. Besides, in the context of the expected EU membership the RES promotion in the Western Balkans will contribute to achieving the EU energy targets and will allow harmonisation of the requirements to the countries, which is a prerequisite to the establishment of a common energy market. For the Western Balkan countries, along with the benefits related to environment and EU membership, the identification of the economically feasible options for RES utilisation would also result in poverty alleviation, increased energy security and easier compliance with the multinational agreements.