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Content archived on 2024-06-16

Improvement of the S&T research capacity of TUBITAK-MRC IE in the fields of hydrogen technologies

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EU boosts neighbour's hydrogen research capacity

Turkey's Scientific and Technological Research Council, Tubitak, has been active in research and funding for decades and boasts strong ties with the EU.

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The Institute of Energy within the Tubitak Marmara Research Center (Tubitak-MRC IE) has accomplished much valuable research in recent years and has attracted EU support to upgrade the centre's capabilities. The country's main government research organisation now has the opportunity to acquire infrastructure and know-how to significantly further research on sustainable hydrogen energy. The EU-funded project 'Improvement of the S&T research capacity of TUBITAK-MRC IE in the fields of hydrogen technologies' (Hy-Prostore) improved the centre's research capacity in hydrogen production, purification and storage. Such research is pivotal for developing sustainable energy systems in the future and requires solid infrastructure as well as joint research activities. The project helped upgrade the centre's laboratory equipment and bring it up to date with European standards. It then encouraged participation in global conferences and workshops, helping the centre embark on EU projects under recent European Framework Programmes. Hy-Prostore also helped EU countries and Associated States to conduct joint research activities, combined with technical visits and information exchanges involving hydrogen laboratories abroad. This led to better use of human and capital resources. Training courses were also conducted to educate staff about hydrogen essentials and expand capabilities of research scientists. The conferences, partnerships and exchanges have helped develop powerful networks involving institutions in Turkey and Europe, both on a public and private level. Significant information exchanges emerged from the project, propelling the centre into the limelight and furthering Turkey's potential as a strong player in hydrogen technology. This bodes well for industry and technology of a large country on Europe's doorstep.

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