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T Research Capacity of TUBITAK-MRC Institute of Energy in the Fields of Integrated Biomass Gasification with Power Technologies

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Biomass research for sustainable energy systems

Biomass is organic material such as crop, forest and agro-industrial residues as well as animal and municipal waste. Biomass energy technology can convert stored energy it into more useful forms to provide power, heat and biogas.

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The main objective of the EU-funded 'T research capacity of TUBITAK-MRC Institute of Energy in the fields of integrated biomass gasification with power technologies' (Bigpower) project was to enhance the research capacity of Turkey's Tubitak-MRC Institute of Energy in the area of biomass research. The initiative was part of the EU’s drive for sustainable energy systems. Researchers concentrated their experiments on three types of biomass: wood chips, hazel nut shells and olive cake. They also designed and constructed two pilot-scale bubbling, fluidised bed gasifiers (FBG) that were operated with air, steam and oxygen to maximise products for various applications. Experiments were also conducted with laboratory FBGs using different biomass and lignite fuels. The approach taken by the project partners included enhancing the centre’s knowledge and capability in biomass gasification research through the upgrading of equipment, training and workshops, conferences and site visits. Strategic networks and partnerships with private and public institutions in both Turkey and Europe were also developed. Bigpower will also increase employment opportunities for graduate students in Turkey involved in the field of biomass gasification studies, and by enhancing the skills and potential of the young scientists involved in these research activities.

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