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Development of Best Practices and Identification of Breakthrough Technologies in Automotive Engineering Simulation

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Simulating the challenges of vehicle evolution

The simulation of challenging design issues in vehicles, from materials used to fracture mechanics, may allow more cost-effective design and production of cars.

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As digital technology advances, the auto industry can stands to benefit in streamlining research, development and production through engineering simulation and digital modelling. In light of this, the EU-funded project 'Development of bBest pPractices and iIdentification of bBreakthrough tTechnologies in aAutomotive eEngineering sSimulation' (Autosim) has sought to fill this need.The project brought together 32 leading stakeholders from (automotive companies, software developers, consultants and, suppliers, among othersetc.) The consortium drew on interdisciplinary expertise and experince to develop best practices and investigate cutting-edge technologies for computer- aided engineering (CAE).Autosim focussed on integrating simulation into of overall design process into computer- aided design (CAD) and simulation data management. It also focussedput an emphasis on materials characterisation, such as modelling composites, foams, fracture mechanics and durability. Its A third area of importance focussed on building confidence in using simulation results, including validation and correlation of results with actual tests.The three topics or axes of the project were seen as highly interconnected as they all rely on each other, leading to the need for and adoption of new simulation technology. Human capital lay at the centre of this equation, as well as obtaining the right software tools from suppliers.Ultimately improved simulation technology will make production more affordable and enable vehicle design to jump from the drawing board to production lines. Less expensive and more efficient cars may be the final outcome of the project.

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