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Enhancing dialogue on nanotechnologies and nanosciences in society at the European level

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Nano discussions at large

Opening communication channels and sharing knowledge has made nanotechnology more accessible, thus enhancing its potential for the future.

Digital Economy

Although nanotechnology and nanoscience research spans a broad spectrum of applications from biomedical to telecommunications, it is an area of research that remains largely unknown to the general public. The EU-funded project 'Enhancing dialogue on nanotechnologies and nanosciences in society at the European level' (Nanodialogue) has taken measures to change this by improving information exchange. What better way than through dialogue to share the latest in science and technology with Europeans, and what better places for this exchange to take place than museums and science centres. Eight countries participated in a modular exhibition with events, activities, questionnaires and polling stations being held in each country. Culminating in a final conference in Brussels, the results were presented to the European Commission and Parliament. A scientific advisory board of 26 members, including nanoscientists, social scientists, philosophers and communication experts, was set up in 11 European countries. The board and its steering committee participated in a workshop and reached a common ground for all involved.

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