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Boosting medical research in the Balkans

An EU-funded initiative supported medical research in the Balkans in efforts to help local scientists participate in European programmes.


The 'Medical research initiative South East' (Medresin) project strengthened scientific and technological research between the EU and South Eastern Europe, especially the Western Balkans. It helped medical universities and faculties to participate in the European Commission's Seventh Framework Programme (FP7). Project partners organised three meetings that served to raise awareness and inform participants of the funding opportunities provided by FP7. Experts outlined the information and skills required in order to compete for European research projects. Seminars were conducted that explained how to participate in the programme and use the electronic proposal submission system. Project partners also gave advice on how to plan and draft project proposals based on ideas from biomedical researchers. Participation in the project's meetings and other activities was open to all biomedical researchers working in a field relevant to FP7. The success of the Medresin project resulted in greater visibility of biomedical research communities based in the Western Balkans and integration into the European Research Area (ERA).

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Scientific advances

9 October 2020