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Content archived on 2024-06-16

Medical Research Initiative South East

Final Report Summary - MEDRESIN (Medical Research Initiative South East)

The MEDRESIN SEE project endeavoured to support scientists wishing to participate in the European Commission's Seventh Framework Programme (FP7) for research, development and demonstration. The MEDRESIN SEE has conducted a web-based survey on biomedical research activities and research objectives and interests in South Eastern Europe which will be continued beyond the duration of the project. Based upon the results of this survey three conferences were organized which were designed to facilitate and support researchers' participation in future FP7 projects.

The three meetings each included information and training sessions in which experts provided detailed information and showed skills essential for competing for European research projects. Based upon this training, the meetings continued with proposal building meetings, in which researchers gathered to develop and draft the first sketches of what several grew into full project proposals submitted to FP7.

Participation in the project activities, meetings and proposal building efforts was open to all researchers in biomedicine who work in a field relevant to FP7and who are interested in and committed to cooperating in a European project (extended consortium). Having had a first training and proposal building session in 2006, several teams continued their efforts and thus the second and third training and proposal building meetings in 2007 gathered both existing teams already active and several new groups with new projects ideas. Moreover, three workshop teams met separately and were specifically supported in finalisation of their proposals. Based on the collaborations instigated within the three MEDRESIN SEE meetings, six project proposals have been submitted to FP7 in spring and autumn. One of these projects has been granted funding. A second one is still under consideration by the European Commission. Additionally, within almost all teams long lasting cooperation and networks have been established.