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Growing a European biotechnology network

Biotechnology groups from across Europe formed a network that focused on important biotechnology issues. Project results will go a long way to establishing a competitive EU biotech sector.

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The European-wide 'Creation of a biotechnology cluster network across Europe' (Bioregions) project developed the Council of European BioRegions (CEBR) from leading research clusters. The aim of CEBR was to build a competitive European collaboration biotechnology sector that could compete in the global marketplace. This was achieved through networking, collaborations, policy recommendations and the sharing of best practices. The CEBR evolved into an outstanding platform for developing, initiating and disseminating projects that promote biotechnology in Europe. The successful cluster network built links across Europe and then reached out to the United States to build global partnerships for pursuing cutting-edge scientific research in biotechnology. Proactive members sharing a common vision of creating a single European biotechnology sector supported activities conducted by CEBR. The Council was established to promote the work of biotech small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) throughout the EU. The work of the CEBR included the creation of a platform for EU-funded biotechnology projects with the support of its membership. A dedicated body such as the CEBR will help the biotechnology sector to grow by encouraging the setting up of SMEs and the development of local, regional and international partnerships.

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