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Reinforcing Experimental Center for Non-equilibrium Studies with Application in Nano-technologies, Etching of Integrated Circuits and Environmental Research

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Supporting Balkan experimental research

An EU-funded initiative supported the further development of a noted nanoscience experimental centre. Project outcomes open the way to increased participation for the centre in related EU research efforts.

Climate Change and Environment

The 'Reinforcing experimental center for non-equilibrium studies with application in nano-technologies, etching of integrated circuits and environmental research' (IPB-CNP) project worked to make the Centre for Non-equilibrium Processes (CNP) in Belgrade, Serbia the leading western Balkan institution covering applications based on non-equilibrium processes. Efforts also aimed at laying the foundation for further integration into European projects as well as for international collaboration. The project was a Specific Support Action (SSA) for the centre, which had previously achieved important results in research fields such as sustainable development and nanoscience-based information technologies. IPB-CNP partners were successful in recruiting, employing and training young scientists, and supported their involvement in research and EU collaboration exchanges. Cooperation with other competitive research centres was also realised in this vein, as was an emphasis on gender equality across the facility. The centre upgraded its equipment and integrated with experimental systems. This success afforded it the opportunity to widen its scope and embark on new lines of research. The IPB-CNP team was involved in the design and maintenance of a website as well as in important database development. Two workshops were organised, as was an international symposium in support of programmes of training, dissemination and networking. Three proceedings books from these events were also finalised. Such achievements mark a positive path towards strengthening the centre's earlier accomplishments and improving on its local and global visibility.

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