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Reinforcing Experimental Center for Non-equilibrium Studies with Application in Nano-technologies, Etching of Integrated Circuits and Environmental Research


The Center for Nonequilibrium Processes has achieved significant results in several research fields including information technologies based on nano science and sustainable development. Those achievements are illustrated by our participation in a Japanese COE Optical and Electronic Device technology for Access Network, EUREKA(EUROTRAC) and in committees of 7 international conferences. The present proposal aims at promoting the Center into the leading institution covering applications based on nonequilibrium processes in West Balkan and it will be the basis for further integration into European projects and international collaboration. While most programs carried out in West Balkans are concerned with the analysis and theoretical description of Nano Technologies we plan to address the actual manufacturing technologies and physical processes of interest for their applicability. We will work in four different but related fields: -studies motivated by the development of 40 nm technologies for integrated circuits related to plasma and fast neutral etching, -interaction of nonequilibrium plasmas with surfaces to achieve nanostructured hydrophobic surfaces and treatment of biological matterials -growth and control of nanotubes on surfaces and nano particles in gas phase- suspended particles as atmospheric pollutants. Center has 70% of female participants and will provide them with means for topical research.


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