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Strengthening road transport research cooperation between Europe and emerging international markets

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On the road in the EU and emerging markets

A multi-national network of road transport stakeholders has been established for cooperation between the EU and emerging markets. The results should lead to increased safety, efficiency and mobility.

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The ‘Strengthening road transport research cooperation between Europe and emerging international markets’ (Simba) project was designed to enhance research and technological development (RTD) cooperation between the EU and the emerging markets (EMs) of Brazil, China, India and South Africa. In particular, the project focused on road transport issues as related to intelligent transport systems (ITS), road infrastructure and automotive technological development. The Simba team organised and held a number of workshops in the targeted regions, bringing together stakeholders in research, government, industry and non-governmental organisations (NGOs). The participants discussed priorities based on their own national policies and networked to identify and develop areas for collaboration. Among the many areas identified were electronic toll collection, ITS for public transport and alternative fuels. The successful creation of this network helped define priorities and future collaborative research areas in technology development and road infrastructure. The results should have a far-reaching impact on road safety, transport efficiency and general mobility of persons and cargo in the EU and EMs.

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