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An Antarctic Summer

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Discovering Antarctica and uncovering its secrets

A new film about Antarctica provides insight into the lives of the scientists that travel to the most remote place on Earth to study its unique role as an early indicator of global climate change.

Climate Change and Environment

Antarctica is beautiful and hostile at the same time. It only becomes somewhat inhabitable during the brief polar summer. Yet its pristine environment has attracted scientists in droves long after the first explorers reached the South Pole. Today, with the threat of global warming looming over our heads, Antarctica has become the front line for investigating the phenomenon of climate change. Its sensitive ecosystem has been the first to show signs of the impact of anthropogenic greenhouse gas emissions. Intrigued by this situation, filmmakers from France obtained funding from the EU and permission from the National Science Foundation in the United States to travel to Antarctica. The aim of the project, titled ‘An Antarctic summer’ (Antarcticsummer), was to learn and convey what drives these scientists far from their homes and the comforts of modern life to study Antarctica. The film’s target audience includes not only the scientific community, but also the average person on the street to show them what life at the bottom of Earth is like. Response to the finished product was encouraging with channels and museums across Europe and the United States showing an interested in airing the film. A complementary educational DVD has also been produced. Endeavours such as Antarcticsummer are helping to inspire the next generation of adventurous minds to travel to this faraway land to learn its secrets.

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