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An Antarctic Summer

Final Report Summary - ANTARCTICSUMMER (An Antarctic Summer)

The ANTARCTIC SUMMER project aimed to produce an exploration and adventure film to investigate the incentives of scientists who work in the extreme Antarctic environment. Moreover, the film attempted to capture the experience of living and working in such extreme conditions and witnessed one of the most significant discoveries about climate change in recent Antarctic science.

The film targeted an audience consisting mainly by scientists, in order to aspire them. Travellers could also be interested in such a thematic production since it motivated them to explore a fascinating experience. Therefore the producers' first priority was to ensure penetration in such groups through screening in selected festivals and venues.

Dissemination activities also included the preparation and distribution of home and educational digital video disks (DVDs), along with efforts to promote the film in museums, science centres and educational institutions. After ensuring availability for the abovementioned groups the movie was further distributed so as to reach the general public.