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New and innovative processes for radical changes of the European pulp and paper industry

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More eco-efficient processes for paper and pulp

An EU consortium has developed a number of promising new processes for implementation in the paper and pulp industry. The focus on eco-efficiency bodes well for enhancing sustainability of the sector as well as its suppliers.

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The 'New and innovative processes for radical changes of the European pulp and paper industry' (Ecotarget) project was established with the goal of enhancing the eco-efficiency, competitiveness and sustainability of the pulp and paper sector as well as its suppliers. Making up the partnership were leading industrial pulp and paper producers and sector suppliers, with input from major European research institutes and leading universities relevant to the field. The EU-funded project specifically aimed at realising major improvements in production processes for improved product quality, and more efficient deployment of results. Environmental and societal considerations complemented efforts in this direction. Ecotarget succeeded in presenting a range of newly developed processes, some of which are already on the market. These include new additives for process water and sensors for controlling paper recovery. Other processes, such as stratified forming of paper, are ready for demonstration while still others require further research and development. An example of the latter is a new energy-efficient mechanical pulping process. Although there is often a time lag between pilot-scale results and industry application, the outcomes of this project offer major potential and are likely to be met with enthusiasm. Implementation of the new processes promises to improve overall operations for an important section of the EU economy.

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