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New and innovative processes for radical changes of the European pulp and paper industry


The overall objective of ECOTARGET is to enhance the competitiveness of the pulp and paper sector (including its suppliers) of Europe while at the same time improving the eco-efficiency.

This IP intends to achieve major improvements in processing and do it in a way that facilitates efficient deployment of results. It will seek to develop significant improvements by applying a broad multidisciplinary approach. The work will be based on a set of selected novel ideas: reduction of the energy consumption in mechanical pulping, improving raw-material efficiency by using separation of fibre flows in the process, improvement of product properties by producing layered paper sheets and elimination of bottlenecks in the use of recycled fibres.

The goals, besides improving product quality and production economy, are to achieve for each breakthrough idea improvements by at least 20% in at least one of the factors energy consumption, raw material utilization, fresh water consumption, waste production and emission measured per unit of production.

The work planned means performing a series of subprojects of high potential and high risk directed to an industry of high complexity and high capital intensity. It is therefore necessary to join all the best and relevant resources in research. In order to maximize the chance of success it is essential to have breadth in the partnership and thus high degree of multidisciplinarity, including basic scientific as well as applied engineering disciplines. It is also necessary to work in consort with relevant university departments, research institutes and companies.

The partnership involves leading industrial companies producing pulp and paper as well as companies supplying this industry with machinery, chemicals etc. The partnership also involves the major European research institutes and leading universities active in fields of relevance. The partnership thus allows work from fundamental scientific.

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