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Support for European aeronautical SMEs - phase V

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Aerospace advancement for the entire EU

Although Europe is a leader in aeronautics, the involvement of small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) and new EU countries has raised the competitiveness and primacy of the continent's aerospace landscape.

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The formidable European aerospace industry boasts several very large well known companies that have been a pioneering force in the field in recent decades. However, there are many smaller enterprising companies that can bring numerous advantages to the field as well, if given the proper support. This has been realised through the EU-funded project 'Support for european aeronautical SMEs - phase V' (Aerosme V) in coordination with Aerospace and Defence Industries Association of Europe. The project prompted the sector's SMEs to participate in EU-funded projects, advancing their technology base, competitiveness and role in the European aeronautical supply chain. Aerosme V also fostered strong networks among SMEs, researchers, industry and academia through a communication platform, stimulating exchanges within the supply chain and increasing access for the SME community. The project organised 38 workshops to encourage SME participation in the EU's Sixth Framework Programme (FP6) and FP7, with emphasis on new EU Member States and Candidate Countries. The project's efforts represented a pan-European approach that covered 33 countries. A notable achievement of Aerosme V was the establishment of the SME database, as well as a website and helpdesk. This offered an impartial one-stop-shop for information about aeronautical supply chains and EU research without links to commercial or national interests. The end result of the project was an increase in the number of SMEs participating in calls for EU projects with the support of many workshops. Another important result was a mapping document that was particularly useful for newer and incoming EU States. The dream of a powerful European industry that involves all classes of businesses and all EU countries is now a reality.

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