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DEsign, SYnthesis and Growth of Nanotubes for Industrial Technology

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No-nonsense nanotubes

Research on mass producing nanotubes and related innovations, from semiconductor nanowires to reinforced polymer composites, could make Europe the undisputed leader in the technology.

Industrial Technologies

Designing and producing materials on the nanoscale for a myriad of products and applications is one area in which Europe's manufacturing industry may outshine that of the rest of the world. The EU-funded project 'Design, synthesis and growth of nanotubes for industrial technology' (Desygn-IT) aimed to position the continent as the global player in producing nanotubes, nanowires and other nanotechnology structures. The project's objective was to enable the industry to penetrate the market more effectively through building knowledge on premium nanotube mass production. It sought to fill industry's need for high-end and cost-effective nanotubes and applications, encouraging their export as well. Desygn-IT aimed to show industry players how nanotubes can improve performance in many applications and lower costs. It aimed to boost the number of patents and publications in the nanowire and nanotube sector. On the technical front, this meant creating a cleaner more cost-efficient way to make good quality nanotubes and facilitating their use for industry. This could involve developing ferromagnetic and semiconductor nanowires, as well as industrial prototypes aimed at sensor devices and tips of Scanning Probe Microscopy (SPM). After diligently working on these ideas and efforts, the Desygn-IT team advanced the technology to mass produce first grade nanotubes, nanoarrays, nanowires and nanotube-reinforced polymer composites. This means that European industry is much closer to adopting this new technology and can potentially differentiate itself quite effectively in this field.

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