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Content archived on 2024-05-29

Knowledge Based Customized Services for Traditional Manufacturing Sectors Provided by a Network of High Tech SMEs

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Novel machine solutions to upgrade manufacturing

High-tech advances such as three-dimensional (3D) simulation and knowledge networks are enabling industry to rethink how machines operate, leading to a boost in production and raised competitiveness.

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With customisation and flexibility rapidly positioning themselves as priorities in the manufacturing sector, required equipment and machinery is becoming much more complex to operate. The EU-funded project KOBAS aimed to overcome this challenge. It supported small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) to develop solutions that help in training, configuration, maintenance and task planning of new machines. KOBAS worked on developing an innovative set of tools that allow SMEs to rapidly customise software solutions in order to facilitate manufacturing in several ways. These solutions supported process planning, training, machine maintenance and management using technology such as virtual reality, 3D simulation and knowledge-based systems, all interacting together quickly and efficiently. The project sought to ensure that the proposed solutions are scalable, flexible and adaptable, in line with the needs of many traditional manufacturing sectors across Europe. In more detail, the project worked on producing a knowledge-based set of methodologies and a toolkit to boost productivity and availability, customised by machine type and sector. It also helped establish a network of high-tech SMEs that would furnish the tools and tailor them to these different sectors, encouraging competitiveness and growth significantly. Moreover, KOBAS recommended new guidelines for manufacturing machines that would be compatible with market standards and facilitate integration of these tools and services. The project distributed its results to stakeholders including a training campaign for the new approach. Its progress is bound to bring forth new competencies and greater knowledge of the machine's process parameters, increasing performance and giving a much needed push to the manufacturing sector.

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