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Promote Air Quality Services integrating Observations – Development Of Basic Localised Information for Europe

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A breath of fresh air … quality services

An ambitious and far-reaching European initiative has provided much-needed air quality information and tools. Developments in this area boost monitoring, assessment and forecasting for enhanced quality of life and economic gains.

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The PASODOBLE project was carried out in the context of the European Earth Observation Programme Copernicus (previously known as GMES). Its overarching goal was to integrate observations and develop localised information — a goal it accomplished for at least 30 regions and cities across Europe. After analysing user requirements, the 21-partner consortium combined space-based data, in situ measurements, modelling and information technology to deliver a suite of innovative and sustainable Myair services. These services support stakeholders as well as the public, with relevant information augmented for policy and decision-makers. Hospitals, pharmacies, public air quality forecasting services, traffic scenario assessment services, regional environmental agencies and forecast model evaluation are just a few of the beneficiaries of the project's portfolio. During the project period multiple follow-ups were carried out for demonstration, use and assessment. The 2012 Olympic Games in London is one example of use of the services portfolio. Results and evaluation of the services implemented indicate major benefits, and demonstrated their necessity in addition to the Copernicus Monitoring Atmospheric Composition and Climate (MACC) Service. PASODOBLE also advanced a harmonised European framework for air quality services. A generic and modular technical infrastructure integrating tools, interfaces and simple data access as well as applied quality management facilitates the transfer of services to new areas. Taken all together, this translates to significantly increased interoperability and efficiency of implementation. Project outcomes are slated to have a major impact on next-generation air quality services. The customised solutions serve to fill gaps in air quality services and support ongoing efforts aimed at safeguarding citizens from air pollution. By providing more information, PASODOBLE services offer marked benefits for the citizens and economy of Europe through improved personal choices and protection.


Air quality, Earth Observation, monitoring, forecasting, atmosphere services, pollution

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