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NORFACE Transnational Programme on Migration in Europe

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The complex challenges of migration

International migration rates in recent years have sparked social, economic and policy concerns. There is still much to learn about the causes, actualities and effects of this multifaceted phenomenon.

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While contributing to an ever-more multicultural and dynamic Europe, migration also presents challenges such as xenophobia, social exclusion and higher unemployment. European researchers joined forces to advance theoretical understanding and knowledge on the topic as a whole. Their work on the NORFACE PLUS (NORFACE Transnational Programme on Migration in Europe) project contributes to the European Research Area (ERA), raising the level of European comparative, multidisciplinary and multi-level research on migration. The initiative funded 12 transnational projects that collaborated through workshops and forums to address migration challenges. Project efforts led to synergies and networks developing the topic of migration and providing a base for current and future collaborations. Researchers investigated social, economic, cultural and policy-related challenges, aiming to produce valuable data for better management of related socioeconomic issues. The programme thus also supported new academics in showcasing their work and many PhD students in completing their studies. NORFACE PLUS resulted in many significant academic outputs as well as a host of databases containing primary data that will benefit the research community. More than 200 peer-reviewed scientific journal articles, book chapters or monographs have been published alongside more than 300 other academic publications. Programme scholars gave over 500 academic presentations, and each project participated in policy discussions and media programmes. The NORFACE Discussion Papers series, with in excess of 100 publications, brought the research to the attention of the academic world, and the NORFACE Compact Publication comprises an excellent resource for policymakers as well as the general public. Five conferences were organised, bringing together academics and the world of policy. The events promoted funding possibilities for related research, provided a forum for joint academic discussions, and resulted in new partnerships, projects and publications. The dedicated website constitutes a powerful platform highlighting research findings, engaging stakeholders, and raising awareness on key issues for all stakeholders. The work and outcomes of NORFACE PLUS offer valuable information for use by policymakers at national, European and international levels. This will facilitate the design of better migration policies and help balance the needs of both European citizens and migrants for a more united and prosperous Europe.


Migration, xenophobia, social exclusion, unemployment, migration policies

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