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Brains in Dialogue: Brain Science at the service of European citizens

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Getting ahead with brain science

Today's medical science promises great developments, but the public often feels uneasy about the rapid pace of advancements. This unease creates barriers to the improvement of health technology, especially in the field of neuroscience.

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New and advanced brain technologies are already being used for the detection and treatment of various neurological diseases. The EU-funded 'Brains in dialogue: Brain science at the service of European citizens' (BID) project aimed to create the means for fostering effective dialogue among key stakeholders and the public in this crucial area of health. Specifically, the project focused the state of the arts and the social, ethical and legal implications of brain imaging, brain devices and predictive medicine in brain science. In order to achieve its scientific and communicative missions, BID organised several workshops and public events, managed the project’s website, neuromediacorner, and a press office active at the European level. Key issues and stakeholders were identified through a broad data collection, including lay and scientific articles, research centres and an overview on public perception. Such issues were discussed during three workshops and more public events dedicated to each of the three BID topics. Each event was attended by numerous delegates of varying professions and from different countries. BID also organised a training workshop on neuroscience communication. A final conference was held to present and discuss three and a half years of initiatives, workshops and publications about neuroscience and its impact on society. The material produced throughout the project, including lay and scientific articles and videos, was uploaded onto the project's website, allowing for continued discussion. An important step forward has been made but more initiatives like BID are needed. BID provided sound and balanced information and encouraged discussion, hopefully paving the way for less uncertainty around the benefits and limits of brain science. For relevant audiovisual material please see:

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