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Brains in Dialogue: Brain Science at the service of European citizens


Main goal of the project is to build an effective dialogue among key-stakeholders in a crucial area of health advancement: Brain Science, and in particular Predictive Medicine, Brain Imaging and Brain Machine Interfaces. Advancements in these fields continuously provide new and very valuable information aimed at understanding how the most vital organ works and how neurological diseases can be treated. Our project will establish a fruitful dialogue and public engagement among European stakeholders in these areas by: · Organising a series of workshops and open forums to produce accurate and sound scientific information on the state of the art, the promises and the risks linked to those topics and discuss the associated ethical and social issues. · Building a press office able to spread the collected information efficiently. · Establishing and maintaining a website hosting a radio and TV-web activity to disseminate the information at different levels and facilitate the communication. We will involve all social actors interested in the advancement of medicine raising a concrete discussion among scientists, clinicians, pharmaceutical companies, health operators (managers, technicians and attendants of health structures, etc...) patients’ associations, experts in ethics, legal and social issues dealing with those topics. In particular, involving health operators, who are the real brokers between the medical science and patients, and delegates of targeted patients’ associations, is a crucial point if we want to foster a wide dialogue between the scientific community and the public, while taking into account the specificity of the different European countries. Therefore, the project has a double mission: a scientific one, to be realised through the workshops activity and a collection of data from the existing EU-funded Brain Science projects; and a communicative one, to be realised through the creation of a Press Office linked with the major European media officers and a website. This scientific and communicative commitment will be of great help to the European Community to improve the understanding of the new discoveries and therapies available for Brain Diseases and will be determinant for the welfare and health of European citizens.

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Luca Bardi (Mr.)
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