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Collaborative research on flood resilience in urban areas

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Cooperating to improve flood response and resilience

Worldwide, flooding affects huge populations across many cities. An EU initiative worked with Asian partners to introduce and explore the state of the art in development and implementation of resilience measures and flood management strategies.

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The 'Collaborative research on flood resilience in urban areas' (CORFU) project studied flood impacts in urban areas and assessed possible responses. Team members developed and tested various novel modelling tools. These include a 2D model that simulates transport of pollutants and enables the assessment of health impacts of floods, a direct damage toolbox, a web-based system for analysis of flood and damage maps, and a flood resilience index assessment tool. Other models focus on quantifying a range of socioeconomic drivers and indicators in case study cities. These include an urban growth model and the awareness-relationships-livelihood framework, which assesses the ability to cope with floods. Project partners examined the climate change, economic and social drivers that have an impact on urban flooding. The aim was to identify potential policy areas where the responses to the drivers can be most effective. They assessed flood impacts in urban areas such as possible deaths, destruction to infrastructure, health concerns, and resulting effects on individuals and communities. Assessment of the level of preparedness and actual responses was also carried out. The cost effectiveness of resilience measures and integrative and adaptable flood risk management plans for the drivers were also evaluated. In addition, the CORFU team assessed and improved current flood risk management strategies. These strategies are related to planning and prevention for the reduction of flood risk and management during floods. An overall strategy for urban planning was developed and tested. The project's main dissemination event was an international conference on flood resilience experiences in Asia and Europe that was held in 2013. CORFU created synergies between key Asian and European players that will result in optimised flood management strategies. More scientifically sound management of the after-effects of urban flooding will positively impact populations worldwide.


Flood response, flooding, flood management, flood resilience, urban flooding

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