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Enhancing public awareness on the results of European research actions on Nanosciences and Nanotechnologies through the professional use of television media and the internet

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Gathering a mass audience for nano research

Researchers have been working with film producers to create a series of videos that highlight work being done in nanosciences and nanotechnologies to the general public.

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From the creation of artificial limbs with a sense of touch, to car windscreens with embedded electronic screens, developments in nanosciences and technologies have the potential to revolutionise our lives. However, public appreciation of these ground-breaking developments is generally low. The EU-funded 'Enhancing public awareness on the results of European research actions on nanosciences and nanotechnologies through the professional use of television media' (NANO-TV) research project raised awareness of the work done by European scientists in the nano fields through a series of ready-to-broadcast video clips. Researchers from a leading nanotechnology institute worked with film production companies to produce 14 video news releases (VNRs) on different nanotechnology-related developments. The VNRs can be shown directly by broadcasters rights-free or edited to fit their own formats. NANO-TV has also produced accompanying materials such as press releases and articles, with all material directly accessible on a web platform. Each of the VNRs created during the two-year project is expected to be shown by at least 10 national TV stations, reaching a viewing audience of several tens of millions of people.

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