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Creative Cooperation in Cultural Heritage

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Highlighting Europe's cultural heritage

Promote cooperation and innovation among organisations of science and technology (S&T), cultural heritage (CH) and creative cultural institutions (CCIs), and highlight their contribution to European economic, social and cultural objectives.

Industrial Technologies

The CREATIVECH (Creative cooperation in cultural heritage) project aimed to promote, at European level, the sharing of knowledge and experiences in S&T, CH and CCIs' cooperation. It has done so via an open peer-learning network, workshops at major European events, and the creation of a virtual forum for students and practitioners. Locally, CREATIVECH showcased four instances of S&T, CH and CCIs' cooperation that demonstrate how such teamwork can help overcome barriers to accessing and understanding CH. The issues are common to CH worldwide, but are tackled in an exemplary way in a concrete local setting. The showcases also focused on engaging and training students and youth. The workshops focussed on topics such as "How to involve citizens in the promotion of Cultural Heritage" or "Industrial Cultural Tourism". More information on these events is available on the CREATIVECH website. With regard to CH as key to local development, two showcases were developed around the Etruscan areas of Carmignano and the Maremma, in southern Tuscany. A spotlight on world heritage cities and experiences of local people and visitors reveals how such sites can effect a reconnection with the local population, as well as provide distinct cultural experiences. Other showcases focussed on the revitalisation and promotion of industrial sites as tourist attractions or on cross-border minorities, as in the divided Banat region where the richness of Banat’s cultural heritage is presented to the wide public through innovative web-based applications. A significant outcome of the project was the creation of a spin-off company, called PRISMA, now actively working with the local institutions to promote the territory. For example, PRISMA has organized the presence of the Maremma municipalities at EXPO2015 in Milan with an exhibition on Etruscan symposia. The work of CREATIVECH enables Europe's cities and regions to benefit from CH assets, supporting socioeconomic competitiveness through the cooperation of various organisations, centres and businesses. Advancing knowledge in this area is vital for an expanding EU, and sets the foundation for leading by example.


Cultural heritage, science and technology, creative cultural institutions, creative cooperation

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