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Nano-materials for the conservation and preservation of movable and immovable artworks

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Modern restoration for classic art

An EU-funded project has investigated nano-structured materials that can be used to restore cultural landmarks and works of art.

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Traditional processes for restoring artworks often lack compatibility with the original materials and involve the use of harsh chemicals detrimental to people and the environment. Many multifunctional nano-structured materials exist that could serve this purpose, but they have yet to be put into practice for art restoration. The EU-funded project NANOFORART (Nano-materials for the conservation and preservation of movable and immovable artworks) has developed nano-structured products for art restoration techniques like deacidification, cleaning, consolidation and protection. Scientists produced more than 25 nanoparticle dispersions for the deacidification of paper and canvas and for the consolidation of wall paintings, plaster and stone. In addition, the team produced 14 complex nanostructured fluids for the cleaning of both movable and immovable works of art. Finally, researchers produced seven different gels for controlled-release cleaning. NANOFORART has tested and studied these new products extensively for potential human and environmental harm. They were also trialled in situ at a number of European museums, on models and actual historical works of art. Several of those formulations tested in museums are now ready for commercialisation. The project has produced nanomaterials for the preservation and cleaning of cultural heritage for commercial exploitation at competitive prices. The end result will be improved preservation and restoration of cultural heritage and enhanced EU competitiveness. Additional media from the Success Story published on the H2020 site can be found at the following link.


Cultural landmarks, art restoration, nano-materials, conservation and preservation, artworks

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