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Centre of Research Excellence for Advanced Cooperative Systems

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High-tech research cooperation flourishing in Croatia

Croatia has successfully established itself as a research leader in cutting-edge cooperative systems for applications in robotics, networks and renewable energy. Its enhanced research potential will have far-reaching benefits for the region and the EU.

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The Faculty of Electrical Engineering and Computing of the University of Zagreb (UNIZG-FER) is a regional leader in higher education in electrical engineering and information and communications technology. In order to increase its research potential and become fully integrated into the European Research Area (ERA), UNIZG-FER initiated the EU-funded project ACROSS (Centre of Research Excellence for Advanced Cooperative Systems). ACROSS focused on building capacity in cooperative systems such as cognitive and robotic systems, networked embedded systems, renewable energy systems and control methods. To achieve its aims, the project strengthened the Faculty's research potential and upgraded its material resources, and developed partnerships with outstanding EU research entities and local industry. It also supported the Faculty in disseminating and promoting research results as well as raising awareness among various stakeholders. Investments in human capital included numerous exchanges, training visits and seminars at UNIZG-FER by visiting experts. Through the project the institution hired 15 experienced researchers and established 3 new research laboratories for cognitive and robotic systems, networked embedded systems and renewable energy systems. UNIZG-FER organised three international conferences and five international workshops. ACROSS scientists presented their research results, participating as well in numerous conferences. In parallel, the project disseminated the institution's research work through more than 100 articles appearing in peer-reviewed journals, reaching out to policymakers, industry players and the public. It also established a media presence with a YouTube channel, published several articles in print media and conducted television interviews. Several specific activities brought together ACROSS researchers, other scientists, small and medium-sized enterprises, industry, and local and national government representatives. ACROSS has already had major impact on the research capacity of UNIZG-FER in cooperative systems through investments in human capital and infrastructure. Better integration into the ERA and increased participation in EU projects will continue to have important benefits for the socioeconomic well-being of Croatia, the region and the EU itself. A project video is available online.


Cooperative systems, robotics, renewable energy, networked embedded systems

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