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The Worldstars of Packaging Award for a CD holder

The success of the packaging lies in its simplicity and user-friendliness. It has two pockets for holding CDs and once inserted, the contents of the two pockets can be taken out at the same time, or one-by-one.

Last week Eneritz Tirados received the award "Worldstars of Packaging" for a CD holder. The World Organization of Packaging is the body that organises the competition. The packaging won an award for the first time in the annual competition in Barcelona, promoted by the PRO CARTÓN company and organised by ADI-FAD, the association of Catalan designers. In the competition, it was the work of Eneritz Tirados which won the award for the best work by students. PRO CARTÓN then sent this prize-winning design to another, international competition (organised within the Hispack International Trade Fair) and received the Young Designer Prize. All winners at this second, international competition are automatically sent to the Worldstars of Packaging and it was here that the award was received last week. This prize has several sections: food & drinks, medicine and others. It was in this third section that the project of Eneritz Tirados won and where various categories such as office products, ICT items, etc. competed. Moreover, the competition receives projects from companies well-known in the packaging world, presenting works carried out by multinationals. Eneritz Tirados and another Catalan are the only competitors to receive a prize without having a company or a multinational behind them. Even though this successful packaging product is not yet on the market. The success of the packaging lies in its simplicity and user-friendliness. It is made entirely of cardboard, does not need glue and is mounted by creasing and folding: Its manufacture needs one strip of cardboard and in the process little material is wasted. At the same time it is an ecological and recyclable product.