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The socio-economic dimension of telecoms - Eurescom mess@ge 2/2004

The quarterly R&D magazine "Eurescom mess@ge" presents new research results and expert opinions on socio-economic aspects of telecommunications.

Socio-economic questions have become ever more important for the telecoms industry. What difference do information and communication technologies make to our everyday life? What are the usage and adoption patterns of communications technologies? How is the telecommunications sector impacting the global economy? The answers to these questions are of crucial importance for society and the telecoms business. Companies in the telecoms sector are increasingly focusing their attention on the socio-economic implications of innovative product and service developments. Today, it has become normal that engineers work together with sociologists and economists in multi-disciplinary projects. Issue 2/2004 of the quarterly R&D magazine "Eurescom mess@ge" presents the latest insights by selected research projects and leading experts on a number of socio-economic aspects. The articles feature a report from Eurescom project PROFIT on the socio-economic dimension of Ambient Intelligence, the results of a longitudinal social survey by EU project e-Living as well as an interview with sociologist Leslie Haddon on the impact of information and communication technologies on our life and an interview with OECD experts Sam Paltridge and Dirk Pilat about economic aspects of telecoms. Other topics in this issue: In focus: Slovak Telecom,RFID - Opportunities for telcos,Innovative procurement in the European Union,Eureka cluster CELTIC - Rich harvest in Call 2,Instant spamming - The spim wave is growing Please see the table of contents at You can subscribe to the print edition of Eurescom mess@ge for free at,