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The EC project CLINICIP (Integrated Project) is looking for a new partner and launched a Competitive Call

The mission of the project is to significantly improve the survival chances in the intensive care unit. It was discovered that also healthy people can develop atypical physiological symptoms under critically ill conditions.

Due to shock and trauma as a consequence of the surgery, the glucose concentration is likely to rise significantly comparable to the symptoms known as insulin-dependent Diabetes Mellitus. Similar to diabetes mellitus, the high glucose level needs to be treated with external insulin. According to a study in Belgium the intensive insulin treatment cuts the mortality rates by 42% compared to standard insulin therapy for ICU (= Intensive Care Unit) indication. The CLINICIP project started in January 2004 with the aim to provide an intelligent system for improved health status monitoring of critically ill patients. This means a local system will be developed comprising biosensors for the determination of glucose in whole blood. Based on the continuous measurement, an adaptive control algorithm generates advice and thus represents a decision support system in an early project stage. Within a closed loop system intensified insulin treatment will make use of calculation results leading to the external regulation of glucose. Until now the CLINICIP Consortium is consisting of 13 partners from 8 different European countries covering a wide range of skills (material research, biochemistry, clinics, electronic, medical device manufacturing, etc.). The CLINICIP Consortium herewith invites an international working company in the field of intensive care medicine for submission of a proposal (Deadline: October 29th, 2004) to participate as a full partner within the CLINICIP project. The main responsibility of the new partner will be the design and development of the so called CLINICIP main platform. The CLINICIP main platform will receive various sensor signals and forward them to an adaptive control algorithm which continuously calculates the necessary insulin application rate. The planned starting date for the new CLINICIP Partner will be: January 2005 (until to the end of the project: December 2007). More information can be found on the CLINICIP Web Page: You can download the Competitive Call documents by clicking on Competitive Call (headline of the CLINICIP Web Page). If you have any specific questions in connection with the Competitive Call please contact the information desk:,Erika Lileg (JOANNEUM RESEARCH Forschungsgesellschaft mbH),e-mail:; Tel: +43 316 876 1213,The information desk operates: 09h00 12h00, Monday to Wednesday and Friday.,