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Giunti Interactive Labs wins "Brandon Hall-Excellence in eLearning" Award

Giunti Interactive Labs, Europe's leading eLearning Content Management Technology Provider, wins the prestigious Brandon Hall - Excellence in eLearning Gold award in the Innovative Technology category for its new eXact iTutor? solution for Mobile Industrial Training.

The award was assigned by Brandon Hall, the US leading learning technologies consulting firm, during a ceremony organized at the San Francisco Hilton Hotel Ballroom within the Online Learning Fall Conference and Expo, one of the main Corporate and Industrial eLearning events worldwide. Resulting from various European R&D projects (e.g. Mobilearn, Natacha and iEye) managed by Giunti Labs, eXact iTutor extends its leading eLearning content management platform, learn eXact ® LCMS, with mobile, wireless and location based access for field based technical training and decision support. Empowered by several optional delivery peripherals (e.g. palm computers, 3G phones and/or wearable computers, equipped with head mounted displays with voice and eye gaze input control for hands free operation), eXact iTutor® empowers field operators to access highly personalized learning and knowledge assets automatically filtered on the basis of his/her location and context of usage. Currently installed in trial safety, industry and medical training setups, eXact iTutor® may be used in several scenarios wherever field access to highly profiled digital Knowledge assets is needed to support onsite mission critical activities and decision taking. With this award, Giunti Interactive Labs and in general the European eLearning R&D sector, enforces its leadership in the emerging market segment of mobile, location based and context aware access to digital knowledge, considered by most experts the next frontier for learning technologies. For more information on the eXact iTutor® solution for Mobile Industrial Training please visit