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Content archived on 2023-03-01

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Custom-fit: research on rapid manufactured products have just blasted off

The ambitious scope of the European Initiative CUSTOM-FIT, a Framework 6 Integrated Project, is to create a fully integrated system for the design, production and supply of individualised custom-products. This project is being funded by the EC over the next four years and a half and will become central to European research concerning RM with a total budget of 16MEuro.

Custom-Fit is a major European investment in the future of manufacturing technology. This top research project was selected over more than 200 proposals presented last year to the principal EU research program. The consortium involved in Custom-Fit brings together over 30 partners from across Europe. This research & development critical mass represent the integration of the best european heads regarding this topic in order to create and open a step-change in manufacturing technology for the 21st century. Custom-Fit's principal aim is to research and develop customised products through a new manufacturing process where products will be printed from different materials using new machines capable of varying the grade and type of the material within a single component. These components may be composed of part plastic and part metal with a graded mixture of material in between. The four and a half year project is focusing upon products that fit the human body such as surgical bone implants, helmets, prosthesis and sport grips. The customised products manufactured by this new process will improve the quality of life of European customers and will improve European competitiveness. For more information about Custom-fit please visit