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Find your partners from New Member States find them through CEAF Project

CEAF partner search database system serves to find partners and/or co-ordinators from Central European countries for submitting proposals for the 4th call in Food Quality and Safety of FP6. Therefore, if you seek cooperation for the last call in FP6 in Agri-Food sector, partner search database under will be an interested place to visit.

CEAF Project, full title: "Stimulating participation of Central European Countries in the Agri-Food Sector in FP6 is a FP6's SSA initiative involving nine partners from countries: Poland, Slovakia, Latvia, Hungary, Estonia and the Netherlands. The Co-ordinator is NCP-Poland. ,CEAF serves researchers and SMEs who look for partners and funding in agro-food sector and specially in horticulture and floriculture. Its aim is to stimulate, encourage and facilitate their participation in the FP6. To this end a partner search database was activated on CEAF website to assist organisations in finding potential partners and/or consortium for submitting proposals for suitable calls in Food Quality and Safety of FP6. Interested parties from New Member States submit their profiles indicating their specific area of interest, expertise offered and targeted partner.,At the moment of building consortia for the 4th call in Food Thematic Priority, CEAF database ( under the link Partner Search'), a very rich and interesting source of profiled potential partners from Central European countries could be an interesting place to visit. ,For more information about the CEAF Project, consult ,