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Technical Bridge between Russian and European Online Innovation Systems

A new INCO SSA project aimed at establishing a Technical Bridge between Russian and European Online Infrastructures for Innovations (TECHBRID FP6 003611) started on January 1, 2005.

The 20-month project should result in virtual integration of Russian and EU online information resources on innovations in one data pool, which should improve interactions between EU and Russian innovation players through automated data exchange between existing European online infrastructures and the Russian online infrastructure under development. The project is implemented on the basis of the Institute of Economics and Industrial Engineering of the Siberian Branch of the Russian Academy of Sciences located in Novosibirsk. The project stems from the Russian Online Infrastructure for Innovations (ROII), a national digital information space for better communications between all innovation actors, including different types of agencies from R&D, industry, finance, government, etc. ROII is created by different Russian organizations, including the SININ project ( which as an allied project will supplement the content of TECHBRID with resources about the Russian innovation sphere. TECHBRID implements technical experience and tools of SOCIONET ( leading platform for virtual integration of different types of online information resources/services in social sciences. TECHBRID envisages the elaboration of a partner search facility and special arrangements for consortium building for EU RTD, which should be available for all potential users: SMEs and large-size firms, private research centres and laboratories, public research centres and institutes, researchers, entrepreneurs and individuals from Russia, the EU and associated countries. A concept and set of tools for technical bridges between EU and Russian online infrastructures for innovation will be completed in cooperation with interested EU organizations. The integral EU-Russia information space on innovations will be filled in by standardised descriptions of innovation-related information resources that will be maintained in a decentralized mode and belong to different organizations incorporated in the common information space. Maintaining of innovation materials can be made through the SININ online workbench' where any participant of innovative activities will be able to work/publish single and/or series of all needed types of materials. On the basis of the interest profile specified by the user the personal information robot will automatically trace the appearance of new materials in the information space and immediately notify the user. The TECHBRID team is looking for partners European information systems on innovations that are ready to participate in the information exchange: to transfer their information materials (news, offers, and demands, etc.) and integrate similar (English language) data from Russia. A long-term goal of TECHBRID is to promote a general online platform that will allow an integration of different and decentralized elements in a unified infrastructure for innovation activities and better interactions between innovation players in international scale. Project coordinator: Prof. Sergey Parinov, e-mail:


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