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CALL FOR NOMINATIONS FOR THE 2006 DAN DAVID PRIZE ,Deadline: November 30, 2005

For the fifth consecutive year, the Dan David Prize, headquartered at Tel Aviv University, will award 3 prizes of US$1 million each for achievements having an outstanding scientific, technological, cultural or social impact on our world. Each year fields are chosen within the three Time Dimensions - Past, Present and Future. The laureates for a given year are chosen from these fields. This year the selected fields are: "Preserving Cultural Heritage: Individuals' Contributions for the Past Time Dimension" "Journalists of Print Media for the Present Time Dimension" "Cancer Therapy for the Future Time Dimension" Named after Mr. Dan David, international businessman and philanthropist, the Dan David Prize is funded by the Dan David Foundation. It is unique in its flexible definition of dynamically changing fields of human knowledge and in its process of fostering the next generation of scholars. The laureates annually donate 20 scholarships of US$15,000 each to outstanding young researchers (doctoral and post-doctoral students) throughout the world in the chosen fields. "Preserving Cultural Heritage: Individuals' Contributions for the Past Time Dimension" The 2006 Dan David Prize will honor individuals who have made outstanding and creative contributions to the preservation of cultural heritage. Cultural heritage concerns three particular aspects of culture: constructed heritage, such as buildings, monuments and tangible objects; living heritage, embodied in values, beliefs, social practices, language, arts and handicrafts, literature, poetry and performing arts; and world heritage, such as elements common to all cultures throughout time. Cultural heritage is essential if we wish to understand ourselves and our societies. Individuals across the world dedicate time and effort to the preservation of cultural heritage, a challenging endeavor within the context of today's social, political, economic and technological pressures. The 2006 Dan David Prize in the Past Time Dimension will recognize the work of individuals who have contributed to illuminating heritages and traditions within and between different cultures, studying the evolution of ideas and traditions, and investigating how new creations have developed from the diversity of these traditions. "Journalists of Print Media for the Present Time Dimension" The 2006 Dan David Prize will honor individual journalists of print media who promote human rights, democracy and pluralism, encourage freedom of political and cultural expression, oppose discrimination of any kind and condemn the use of media as propaganda or for the promotion of intolerance and conflict. The freedom of speech and the freedom of information are amongst the pillars of a democratic society. In a fast-evolving world where efficient and effective communication is indispensable, the work of print media journalists is an invaluable resource to the general public. Today, journalists of print media across the globe face the challenging task of maintaining media quality, pluralism and diversity in the wake of greater corporate and political dominance over media and information services. The 2006 Dan David Prize in the Present Time Dimension will recognize journalists of print media who have contributed to the field of journalism as a whole and have had a significant impact on today's society and world. ,"Cancer Therapy for the Future Time Dimension" The 2006 Dan David Prize in the Future Time Dimension will recognize individuals' initiatives aimed to reduce cancer-related mortality and alleviate the daily suffering of cancer patients. Individuals worldwide focus enormous efforts on the development of new approaches to the treatment of cancer patients and the improvement of their quality of life. The 2006 Dan David Prize will honor individuals who have made outstanding contributions to the development of the field of Cancer Therapy in its classical aspects including surgery, chemotherapy, radiotherapy, or in more contemporary aspects, such as gene therapy, immunotherapy, biological therapy and targeted therapy. For more information on the Dan David Prize, please refer to: http://www.dandavidprize.orgAbout the Dan David Prize The Dan David Prize was founded by Mr. Dan David in 2001, President of Photo Me International PLC, the world's leader in automatic color photo-booths, present in shopping centers throughout the world, and a leader in the professional photographic equipment industry. Born in Bucharest (Romania), Dan David launched new photographic concepts in 1960 and developed technological patents, including instant ID photography, with the help of a relative. He never forgot his gesture and philanthropy became one of his vocations. The raison d'etre of the Dan David Prize is developing and advancing world knowledge of the past, present and future. About the Selection Process and the Dan David Prize Board The Dan David Prize Winners will be selected amongst numerous nominees by independent Review Committees, represented by members of the international academic and business community. The Dan David Prize is internationally recognized, as evinced by the Members of its Board: - Prof. Bruce Alberts, Professor, Biochemistry and Biophysics Department, UCSF, Former President of the National Academy of Sciences (USA),- Prof. Helene Carrere d'Encausse, Permanent Secretary of the Academie Francaise (France),- Mr. Dan David, Founder of the Dan David Prize, President of Photo Me International PLC,- Prof. Hanna H. Gray, President Emeritus and the Harry Pratt Judson Distinguished Service, Professor Emeritus of History, University of Chicago (USA),- Baroness Susan Greenfield, Director of the Royal Institution of Great Britain, Senior Research Fellow, Lincoln College and Honorary Fellow, St Hilda's College, Oxford University (Great Britain),- Prof. Joshua Jortner, Professor of Chemistry, Tel Aviv University (Israel),,Former President of the Israel National Academy of Sciences ,- Dr. Henry A. Kissinger, Founder and Chairman, Kissinger Associates Inc (USA), Former U.S. Secretary of State,- Prof. Itamar Rabinovich, Chairman of the Dan David Prize Board, President of Tel Aviv University ,- Mr. Francis Raymond Wahl, International Businessman


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