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B4E Conference Building for a European Future

Under the auspices of ECCREDI - the European Council for Construction Research Development and Innovation - and with the patronage of the European Union Commissioner for Research as well as the Dutch Ministry of Economic Affairs, the B4E Conference "Building for a European Future" has taken place in Maastricht on 14-15 October.

14 October 2004 - 15 October 2004

The event has been organised in the context of E-CORE, the European Thematic Network funded under the Growth Programme of DG Research in the European Commission.
Central to the conference was the debate on the goals and objectives for the sector in the coming decades, aiming to define the crucial steps and future strategy needed to create a sustainable, socially responsible, value-oriented, innovative and competitive industry. Representatives of all stakeholders in construction were actively participating in the discussion which enabled E-CORE (European Construction Research Network - to incorporate views from the entire construction sector in its research strategy and to present these to the European Commission in 2005.
An opening address from the side of the European Commission was delivered by Mr. Christos Tokamanis from DG Research, who apologized for the last minute hindrance of interim Research Commissioner Louis Michel to attend the B4E Conference.
In the Commissioner's speech which was distributed amongst the participants and which also marked the launch of a European Technology Platform initiated by the construction sector (ECTP), it was mentioned that ,"... investing in research should also be part of a global vision: the sector should set a strategic research agenda identifying its needs and means to achieve it: more working together; sharing experience; spending money on education and training; testing laboratories, anticipating the regulatory needs and all the other policies which are necessary to fully implement the results of your research."
In his opening speech, Mr. Christos Tokamanis explained that a real novelty for this platform was the linkage with National Platforms, mirroring and interacting with what is happening on EU level. The initiatives undertaken so far by Poland, Spain and the Netherlands were warmly welcomed and good news was spreading about similar initiatives being started in Sweden, France, Greece and some other countries.
The process of creating the ECTP was proposed and managed by ECCREDI in the summer of 2003 and was warmly welcomed by the Commission. In the course of 2004 the proposal gained momentum and received widespread support from a wide range of industrial and professional stakeholders in the sector. Using the E-CORE strategy as a basis, the platform is now defining, through a number of focus areas (Cities & Buildings, Networks, Underground construction, Cultural Heritage) its Vision 2030. This will, in turn, lead to the formulation of a Strategic Research Agenda for the achievement of the Vision 2030. It is expected that the research agenda will be implemented under the 7th Framework Programme for Research of the European Union, in the years 2007 - 2013, through a number of Public-Private-Partnerships.
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