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2005 ISPIM Annual Conference

The 2005 ISPIM Conference "The Role of Knowledge in Innovation Management" will be held in Porto, Portugal on 19-22 June 2005. It will be organised and hosted by INESC Porto.

19 June 2005 - 22 June 2005

Academic papers and practitioner presentations will be included in the conference programme. The deadline for paper abstracts and presentation outlines is on 15 January 2005. The deadline for final papers and presentations is on 18 March 2005.
ISPIM members and ISPIM as an organization are dedicated to research, sharing and dissemination of knowledge on Innovation Management and Product Development. The industrial environment today is dramatically different form what it was when ISPIM was conceived. Not only has the knowledge base, which informs theory building and practice in innovation management changed but the industrial and business environment has been transformed. Knowledge intensive services have become the driving force of the modern economy.
The XVI annual ISPIM conference will address the issues related to this emerging economy, the Knowledge Economy. Academics, consultants and practitioners are invited to share research findings and experiences which address the issues that confront us as we broaden our skills and develop new approaches to innovation in the knowledge economy.
The academic papers and practitioner presentations submitted to this conference should describe research work, empirical analysis or case studies and are expected to fit broadly, but not exclusively, into one of the following categories:
A. Knowledge Creation, Knowledge management: Theories and application, Market intelligence, Technology vigilance and forecast, Knowledge representation, storage and search, Methodologies and tools for innovation opportunities detection (creative thinking; building an innovative climate, etc.), Education and training, Financing knowledge creation: Models for funding innovation , Innovation 3D (high-tech, low-tech and no-tech innovation), Innovation and entrepreneurship, Innovation and knowledge management at micro (project; organization) and macro level (regional; national; international) , Strategic cooperation and collaborative environments
B. Knowledge Exchange, Collaborative environments, Knowledge networks, Virtual and extended organizations , Intra-firm mechanisms for knowledge diffusion, Innovation dissemination and promotion, Human resources exchange and transfer, Technology transfer, IPR protection and exploitation, The role of academia and companies
C. Knowledge Application and Practice, New product development, Extended products & services, Product data management, Planning and logistics, Quality management, Measuring economic impact of knowledge and innovation
For more information please visit or Email: ispim2005@ispim.orgThe International Society for Professional Innovation Management (ISPIM) is a worldwide network of academics, business leaders, consultants (A, B, C) and other professionals involved in Innovation Management.
ISPIMs goals are to create a worldwide network of excellence in the field of innovation management, to enhance collaboration between its members and to be at the forefront of research on innovation.
ISPIM achieves this via its international conferences and regional events, journal publications, collaborative research projects and other member services.