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Information day in Hungary: Experiences in FP6 - Towards FP7

An information day will be held in Budapest, Hungary on 19 April 2005 with the title "Experiences in FP6 - Towards FP7".,The information day is organised by the Hungarian Science and Technology Foundation as an activity of the Hungary for FP6 project, supported by the European Commission.

19 April 2005 - 19 April 2005

The aim of the event is to give floor to governmental representatives (responsible for the Framework Programme) from the Central Eastern European region and project coordinators to voice their opinion, possible concerns regarding FP6 and especially the use of the new instruments. Based on the information day short recommendations regarding FP7 will be drafted for DG Research.
During the information day the following issues will be addressed:,1. Follow-up of the Lisbon objectives and mid-term review of the Sixth Framework Programme (a presentation by the representative of the European Commission),2. FP6 participation of the Central-Eastern European (CEE) New Member States,3. How to enhance New Member States' and Candidate Countries' participation in the Framework Programme,4. Considerations about FP7
The information day will provide a forum for the open exchange of experiences on the Sixth/Seventh Framework Programme among the participants.
For more information, please contact:,Ms. Marianna Vári,Hungarian Science and Technology Foundation,Tel: +36-1-2147714,E-mail:,,