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Information Day on "The third call for proposals in Aeronautics and Space"

The Israeli Directorate for the FP6 - ISERD, is organizing an Information Day on the next 3rd call of "Aeronautics and space priority" in conjunction with the launching of the "Association of Aeronautics & Space Industries of Israel - ASII" on 10 May 2005 in Tel-Aviv, Israel.

10 May 2005 - 10 May 2005

The event, which will host high-level speakers from the European Commission, aims to inform the participants of the forthcoming call of proposals under the "Aeronautics and Space priority". Discussions will focus on the opportunities outlined in the third call, what makes a good proposal, lessons learned from previous calls. The target audience is potential proposers, in particular industrial research representatives.
For further information & registration, please visit our website:,,Or contact:,Shiri: 03-5118118 (ext 3+2),,Neomy: 03-5118120,