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Fifth European Space Weather Week

Bringing together diverse communities working on all elements of space weather with a strong focus on user involvement

17 October 2008 - 21 October 2008

The European Space Weather Week (ESWW) will take place in Brussels, Belgium, from 17 to 21 November.

Now in its fifth year, ESWW 2008 will include a space weather fair, where users and service providers will have the opportunity to interact in an informal working environment. The meeting will also feature a number of open sessions on:
- space weather and the European approach to space situational awareness;
- global navigation satellite systems: science, user needs and applications;
- offshore drilling, magnetic surveying and geomagnetic variations: science, user needs and applications;
- space weather models: from research to operations;
- new and existing data, catalogues, tools and services;
- solar weather: new results, analysis techniques, forecast tools and the outlook for users.

The event will also provide a chance to discuss the space weather community's contribution to possible future European Space Agency (ESA) action in the area of space situational awareness. New data, tools and techniques will also be discussed and demonstrated during the workshop with a view to promoting the transition between new scientific results and user-oriented space weather services.

Organisational responsibility is shared by the Royal Observatory of Belgium (ROB), ESA, the Space Weather Working Team (SWWT) and two European Cooperation in the field of Scientific and Technical Research (COST) communities.URL of the event: