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EuroCombiCat 2009 in Gandia (Spain), 26-29 April. Deadline for abstract submission: 11 January 2009

European Conference on Combinatorial Catalysis Research and High-Throughput Technologies. Organised by the TOPCOMBI consortium.
Chairs: Avelino Corma and Claude Mirodatos.
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26 April 2009 - 29 April 2009

This conference aims at offering the most recent advances in the area of Combinatorial Catalysts Research and High-Throughput Technologies. The conference offers an ideal opportunity to discuss the most challenging experiments jointly with the latest development in methodology and theory.

a. Hardware and methodology development
b. Data management and information technologies
c. Academic case studies in catalysis and separation
- heterogeneous catalysis
- homogeneous catalysis
- biocatalysis
- polymerisation catalysis
d. Industrial case studies and success stories
e. Scale-up to manufactured products and industrial processes

Plenary lectures:
- Avelino Corma (Valencia, Spain): “Knowledge-based HT materials synthesis and testing for catalysts discovery”
- Jens K. Nørskov (Lingby, Denmark): “Computational screening for new catalysts”
- Johan Paul (Zwijnaarde, Belgium): “Use of high-throughput techniques for the development of thin functional coatings"
- Ulrich S. Schubert (Jena, Germany): “High-output experimentation in polymerization catalysis”

Keynotes lectures:
- Jose M. Serra (Valencia, Spain): “Optimizing solid oxide fuel cell performances by combinatorial designs”
- Bertrand Pavageau (Pessac, France) : “High throughput synthesis and characterization of nanostructured catalysts”
- Oliver Trapp (Heidelberg, Germany): “High throughput screening of NHC-ligands in catalysis”

The format allows for its numerous diverse and complex aspects and facets to be presented by its various outstanding protagonists. EuroCombiCat 2009 equally invites the experienced expert, as well as junior scientists to present their work to a critical, but enthusiastic audience. Success stories and ongoing projects are invited to be presented in lectures and posters. Hardware manufacturers, software developers and service providers are welcome to exhibit their equipment and products (please contact the conference office for details).

We very much look forward to welcoming you in Spain!