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Academia Europaea symposium series

Registration open to all involved in Higher Edication practise and research to participatein an international symposium:
“Diversification of Higher Education and the Academic Profession”: Turin 26 - 28 March, 2009.

26 March 2009 - 28 March 2009

With expansion of higher education has come increasing differentiation, increasing expectations from society, and an evolution of professional roles. that may take academics towards new forms of identity and loyalty. At the same time, knowledge has come to be identified as the most vital resource of contemporary societies, and many nations have taken great strides to improve their capacity for knowledge creation and application. This new devotion to knowledge has both expanded the role of the academy and challenged the coherence and viability of the traditional academic role. To answer these questions a large comparative research was carried out in 2007 by a qualified international team in 18 countries. A previous survey conducted in 1991 and supported by the Carnegie Foundation will provide opportunity to comparisons over time. The first findings of the research will be presented and discussed during the conference.This symposium is part of an ongoing series organised by the Higher Education, Research and Culture in Europe group of the Academy (HERCULES group). It is relevant to all sections of Higher Education, practitioners and researchers. It will report and discuss a major horizontal European Research study. Registration is open now on the AE website. Post doctoral student bursaries will be available. There is no registration fee.

The Academia Europaea was established 20 years ago as a not-for-profit charity and is the Pan European Academy of Sciences, Letters and Humanities with over 2000 peer elected international scholars from all the continent's countries. The AE organises meetings, publications and other activities to support the cadre of European scholars and scholarship - fully integrated into the policy of the European Research Area


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