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“From Information to Knowledge; from Knowledge to Wisdom:Challenges and changes facing higher education in the digital age”

Registration open via the Academia Europaea website to participate in an international symposium.It is relevant to all who teach in or carry out research in insitutions of Higher Education in Europe. Stockholm 5 - 7 November, 2009

5 November 2009 - 7 November 2009

The traditional model of higher education is inappropriate for the new context and challenges of the 21st century. European universities are rapidly becoming “mass” and “multi-purpose” institutions. This trend is paralleled by globalisation and the exponential increase of information, the flow, diffusion, and use of which is hard to monitor and control. A major responsibility of higher education institutions is to guide students’ learning in such a way that they are able to selectively process and transform information into deep conceptual knowledge networks. They should acquire competence, beliefs and attitudes for using their knowledge in adaptive, responsible, and creative ways in new situations, which is a major component of wisdom. Institutions of higher education must learn how to deal with the impact of this massive increase of retrievable information and the explosive development of its digital archiving and access. What are the consequences of these ongoing developments for the role of science in the knowledge and learning society of the future?
Invited speakers will address in four sessions the following issues:
1. Perspectives on the information – knowledge – wisdom chain.
2. The future of higher education institutions.
3. Implications for teaching and learning in higher education.
4. The changing role of science in society.

The conference will end with a panel session “Synthesis, Agenda for Action, Conclusions”.

The event is open to all interested working in insitutions of Higher Education and research policy.
Post-doctoral bursaries may be available. There is no registration fee for participants.This symposium is part of an ongoing series organised by the Higher Education, Research and Culture in Europe group of the Academy (HERCULES group) and published by the Portland Press. It is relevant to all sections of Higher Education, practitioners and researchers.
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