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Knowledge Regions and the Lisbon Strategy

Regions play an important role in the cohesion policy but are also key players in the promotion of research and development. The Czech regional authorities are willing to use the structural funds as well as the FP7 in order to ensure the growth of the regions and contribute to the competitiveness of the regions, the country and the whole EU.

1 April 2009 - 1 April 2009

Regions of the Czech Republic and the Czech Liaison office for Research and Development (CZELO) are organizing a seminar entitled "Regions of knowledge and the Lisbon strategy" in the Committee of the Regions on 1st April 2009. The event consists of a seminar, reception with "innovation café" and little exhibition. It is organized in the frame of the Czech presidency to the Council of EU and the European Year of Creativity and Innovation.You can find more information, including the registration at


Cohesion Policy