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COST 298 Training School Researching Social Media

In the context of COST Action 298 Participation in the Broadband Society, COST is organising a training school for Early Stage Researchers that focuses on Researching Social Media. The area is social computing is an interdisciplinary field where computer sciences, communication and sociological studies converge.

31 March 2009 - 2 April 2009

This training school will help guide doctoral students and provide them with the theoretical framework and the suitable methodologies to investigate new fields of research in social media.

In the long-term, it will help them to successfully carry out research on social networks such as Facebook, MySpace, Twitter, YouTube and more. The objective is to offer them the opportunity to achieve a good theoretical background and literature review, enabling them to place their research questions in the right perspective.

Another goal is to provide a methodological tool (SIMIAN) which adds the power of statistics to the deepness of the qualitative research. The method will be explained by its inventors. Individual exercises and a final assessment will follow to set them up with new tools for their research.