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The RAMMAL Award 2008 announced

The Rammal Award 2008 rewards PR. Moulay Brahim Sedra, a physicist from Morocco.

16 March 2009 - 15 September 2009

EUROSCIENCE's President Enric Banda announced today that, by unanimous decision of its expert panel, the Rammal Award for the year 2008 is attributed to:
Professor Moulay Brahim Sedra.
Prof. Sedra, 44, a specialist of mathematical physics, is leading the laboratory “Matière et Rayonnement” of the University Ibn Tofail, Kenitra. Trained at the University of Rabat and latter at the International Centre for Theoretical Physics (ICTP) at Trieste, Prof. Sedra has published important works on mathematical physics of solitons, non commutative geometry, conformal field theory and particle physics (string theory).
Deeply attentive to the responsibility of scientists towards society at large and to regional cooperation among scientists, Prof. Sedra has created and presides the Association Italo-Marocaine de l’Amitié et Echanges Culturels (IMAC), has launched the African Journal on Mathematical Physics (AJMP), and has coordinated one of the two branches of the “Network NET 62”, sponsorised by ICTP and associating research teams of Algeria and Morroco.