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NBM Conference - Natural and Biomimetic Mechanosensors

The consortium of the EU funded project 'Customized Intelligent Life-inspired Arrays' (CILIA) will host an international conference on "Natural and Biomimetic Mechanosensing". It will take place from October 26 to 28, 2009 in Dresden, Germany.

26 October 2009 - 28 October 2009

The conference is dedicated to the identification of common principles underlying the widespread use in nature of arrays of mechano-sensory structures for the extraction of meaning from environmental signals under adverse conditions. A second focus will be on engineered systems derived from those principles.

It addresses to natural and physical-chemical scientists, engineers, and representatives from industry.

Oral Presentations and Posters are solicited in the following areas:

* Biological Mechanosensors
* Neuronal Processing of Mechanosensor Arrays
* Artificial Life-inspired Mechanosensor Arrays
* Applications of Mechanosensor Arrays

Additional information can be found at the Conference Website:

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biological, neuronal processing, mechanosensor arrays, life-inspired, applications